Current Playlist:

Mm. So, lately, my play list has been following my mood. I don’t know how to really describe this current list. My life is filled with change and possibilities, but I don’t want to forget what got me to this step. So the list is a bit mish-mash.

In high school, music used to be my major escape. I would listen to the radio, to my mp3s, to pandora (before anyone really knew about it) all the time – at all hours. Friends would turn me onto new music, and I’d find the oddest things online to fall in love with. I have never been musically inclined by any means. But gosh darn it, I have always enjoyed listening to it.

I lost that for a few years while I got myself through college (yay me!), through hours of homework and work, and while I allowed myself to follow a path of habit and “safety” and hurt. I’m out of that cycle, and music is back. Both literally and figuratively.