Current Playlist:

Mm. So, lately, my play list has been following my mood. I don’t know how to really describe this current list. My life is filled with change and possibilities, but I don’t want to forget what got me to this step. So the list is a bit mish-mash.

In high school, music used to be my major escape. I would listen to the radio, to my mp3s, to pandora (before anyone really knew about it) all the time – at all hours. Friends would turn me onto new music, and I’d find the oddest things online to fall in love with. I have never been musically inclined by any means. But gosh darn it, I have always enjoyed listening to it.

I lost that for a few years while I got myself through college (yay me!), through hours of homework and work, and while I allowed myself to follow a path of habit and “safety” and hurt. I’m out of that cycle, and music is back. Both literally and figuratively.


Merry Christmas :)

So the holidays are definitely upon us, and I have been enjoying family time with tons of board games and card games. (Scrabble, Yahtzee, and Apples to Apples have run rampant in these parts.)

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want from life. Setting goals for myself concerning my career, finances, friends, and family. The one thing I’ve learned that I can’t control is my love life, but I’m having a hard time letting go. This part of my life has been confusing and distressing for well over a year, and I’m no closer to processing my thoughts or feelings. I feel torn between two opposing ideas.

I have been wishing, praying, and hoping for an answer or guidance. Hopefully the New Year will bring some new insights and knowledge.

Happy Holidays. ❤