Little Magical Moment

Today, everyone seemed to have a serious case of the Mondays. Even I was grouchier and mopier than usual. Work was dragging, and nothing was really thrilling me.

This afternoon, a deaf guy came into the store and wanted to pay his bill. At first, I just thought he was like every other customer and couldn’t hear me because I have a soft voice… Quickly frustrated, I raised my voice to greet him again. It finally dawned on me that he couldn’t hear me because he was deaf. Slightly ashamed, I took his information, pulled up his account, and paid his bill. As he was leaving, I thanked him (in sign!) and smiled. He smiled back and thanked me (in sign!) and departed.

He made my day better just by being patient, friendly, and super relaxed. And I’ve been smiling ever since.

(I’ve always wanted to learn sign language… I really only know how to say hi, introduce myself, and say thank you.)


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