Well, then… Life certainly swept me off my feet in the last couple of months.


Just a brief update:

1. Met a soldier

2. Developed some severe warm fuzzy feelings for said soldier. But he’s back on the other side of the world, and things are starting to shift back into place.

3. I miss my puppy-love.

4. Making care packages for soldiers = lots of fun.

5. Working out with a friend = 1 million times better than alone.

6. Making healthy food habits = more energy in the long run.

7. Having hard time sleeping lately.

8. Looking forward to Halloween! (Confession: My costume is still a CONCEPT. I need to step up my game before it’s too late!)

9. Special K = Best cereal everrrr.

10. Reading Wuthering Heights for Halloween is the best thing I could have done for myself. 🙂


But anyway, nothing is going on in the boy front now. Everything’s calm and soothing. My life isn’t going to topsy turvy. I’m kind of enjoying it. I never thought I’d enjoy single life so much. I owe a lot of this to my friends.

I’m trying to develop healthier habits. I tend to forget and step back into bad routines, but so far, I’m 2 weeks strong. My diet consists of a lot of humus, wheat thins, veggies, fruits, water, and a piece of dark chocolate every now and then 😉 My workout routine consists of:  ZUMBA (gloriousness!) ellipticals, track, yoga, arms, abs, and butt toning. haha Being a girl seriously rocks.

I’ll have more in-depth posts coming soon!

❤ and peace


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