Friday Love-List

Brent Smith of Shinedown

Brent Smith of Shinedown

So, a lot of things last week made me happy!


2. Apple pie and French vanilla ice cream! Oh my gosh. I gained 7 billion pounds this week.

3. Chili spaghetti or sghetti, as I like to call it. (Five-ways all the way, babeh!)

4. Shopping with the mom-factor. She makes me happy 🙂

5. Wine with good friends.

6. Live local music with good friends.

7. Flirting with strange guys. (*This is relatively new to me.)

8. Finding new music! (Post about this coming soon.)

9. Planning future trips (Post about this coming soon as well.)

10. Riding motorcycles. (A friend of mine took me on his bike not too long ago, and it was so thrilling, I’m still happy about it.)


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