I’m Thankful For…

Sunset caught via my iPhone

Today (and yesterday) ended up being two great days. Not because anything exceptional happened… but a lot of small things pleased me. Here’s a list of 10 things that are currently making me smile. 10 things that make me thankful… 10 small things that help me love life.

1. Beautiful sunsets.

2. Dinner with friends (Every Tuesday night, we get together and have dinner.)

3. My brothers (Their personalities are the bomb dot com)

4. New plaid shirt! (For next to nothing, super sale!)

5. A new job! (I start tomorrow!)

6. Cupcakes! (Post coming tomorrow about these bad boys.)

7. My bestie, even if she’s 900 miles away, she always makes me smile.

8. A thoughtful, surprise delivery! (Post about this coming soon too)

9. New nail polish

10. Fantastic books

These are just the first 10 I could think of off the top of my head. We all have little things we gain pleasure from, that can easily make a day feel complete. What are yours lately?


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