The Beginning of Something Beautiful

I keep debating what I want my second post to be about. It’s much easier to write the first post, as a simple introduction… but the second post should, typically, follow the “feel” of the blog… or the “feel” you hope the blog eventually portrays.

On that note, I kind of think it would be fun to look at my first painting. I painted it in December/January. I have always been a fan of van Gogh’s Starry Night, and rather than buy a cheap print, I decided I’d like to paint my own version. Although I’m a fan of the town, I’m not particularly fond of the large brown mountain, so I took that out… and subsequently, the town. I kept the rolling hills, and really focused on the sky. I’m pretty pleased with this painting… and it renewed a feeling of creation in my soul.

Starry Night - as I see it

Before this, I would say I was “artistically” spirited, but I never took the time or effort to put anything down on paper (or canvas.) Since then, I’ve done three other paintings, countless sketches, and a few journal-painting entries. I don’t think I’m particularly artistic, in the sense, I don’t really come up with my own ideas yet. I’m practicing and trying to determine my craft… and I find that easier to do when I find something I like, and I try to mimic it. I guess all students have to start somewhere.


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